To Colour is to Grow, especially when you don’t know what you are doing

by Karen Stiller

Last week I experienced spiritual growth by colouring the cover of the Jul/Aug issue of Faith Today. 

To colour is to grow, discovered Karen Stiller
To colour is to grow, discovered Karen Stiller

It wasn’t so much in the realm of theological insights, but more, I would say, in the area of sober self-examination and humility. I realized, and yes, I am thankful for this insight thank you very much, that I am still rather impatient and messy with an impaired sense of how colours work together (red and pink together, bring it on!)

As I whittled away with a paring knife at the kitchen sink (rather feverishly now that I reflect), trying to sharpen one of those coloured pencils with no actual sharpener within 100 miles, I dealt with existential questions like: Why am I here?

In time, back aching, I forced myself to relax a bit and began more of a loose, looping scribbling, a “get ‘er done,” kind of colouring, much like my boys did so many years ago. Then, I came face to face with my own inflated pride (enough growth already!) as I took a slightly far-off picture of my colouring, so that people couldn’t really see it close up.

But then, squinting, I actually started to grow fond of my creation and tell myself I was quite something after all. Thus began the phase where I left it on the coffee table, hoping for compliments.

So, as you can see, it was actually a marathon of spiritual growth. A veritable triathlon of insight leading me to the conclusion that perhaps I really am best to colour mostly, or only, with words. Certainly not with a deadline. And definitely not with a desire to impress. And clearly with a pencil sharpener on hand.

Karen Stiller is a senior editor of Faith Today. It’s not too late for you to send in your own version of our Jul/Aug cover! Email us at Check out the subscription deal this month which will put a wonderful cololuring book into your hands. 

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