A Canadian Fall that Bursts with possibility

I have just returned home from my morning walk and a wonderful encounter with a stranger in a pink raincoat with pink rubber boots. I passed by the end of her driveway as she waited to climb into her minivan.

My own rain boots, which match nothing, but are still fun to wear.
My own rain boots, which match nothing, but are still fun to wear.

Our eyes met.

“This is my first day of school!” she told me. I brought my doodle to a screeching halt. Conversations with total strangers on my busy street do not happen very often. And especially not with people whose boots match their jackets so perfectly.

“Wow,” I answered. “I hope you have a really great, fun day.” She answered “I will!” with total confidence.

I believed her. First days are so wonderful when you are young enough to wear matching boots.

Her pleasure and anticipation jolted me fully awake and gave me a smile that lasted all the way up McDonald and clear down Bigelow Street. I thought about all the new projects we are involved with, and all the Faith Today stories we will be printing this year. I thought of my church and all the other Canadian churches that are launching  programs, new and old, to serve their communities.

Fall in Canada, no matter how old you are, bursts with possibilities.

I hope my new little friend really does have a great, fun day. And I hope her mother did not scold her for talking to strangers, because her pleasure was contagious.


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