Announcing a Faith Today Contest to Reward Your Pastor


Give your pastor a break!

We all know pastors work very hard in often challenging circumstances. They may not always take the time they need to rest and replenish. Let’s change that for your pastor.

His Secret Place in St. Andrew's, Newfoundland is one of the retreat centres across Canada opening their doors for pastors who need a break.
His Secret Place in Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland is one of the retreat centres across Canada opening their doors for pastors who need a break.

Faith Today, in partnership with spiritual retreat centres from coast to coast, wants to send your pastor on a refreshing retreat. But we need your help.

In every province and territory, a spiritual retreat centre is opening its doors for one deserving pastor to come and take an expense-free break.

[EDITOR’S UPDATE: Contest is now closed. Winners have been announced!]

Here’s where we need your help, Canadian churches!

Please email us at the name of your pastor and 75 words about why they deserve a break and what a great job they do.

Even if your pastor does not win their regional draw (to be held in early March), we will make sure we give them a social media salute to thank them for all they do.

Every pastor whose name is entered will receive a two-year complimentary subscription to Faith Today!

The contest closes on Feb. 29, 2016, so please don’t wait too long to enter your pastor into the running.

Faith Today is extremely grateful to the wonderful retreat centres across Canada who are joining us in this contest. They include:

British Columbia: Stillwood Camp & Conference Centre, Lindell Beach

Alberta (option 1): King’s Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre, Cochrane

Alberta (option 2): Kerith Creek Retreat Centre, Priddis

Saskatchewan: Shekinah Retreat Centre, Waldheim

Manitoba: Kerith Pines Retreat Centre, East Braintree

Ontario: Muskoka Bible Centre, Huntsville

Quebec: Capernwray Quebec, Chertsey

New Brunswick: Hampton Bible Camp, Hampton

Prince Edward Island: Healing Presence Christian Retreat, Point Pleasant

Newfoundland & Labrador: His Secret Place, Rocky Harbour

Nova Scotia: Between The Hearts Renewal Center, Amherst.

Yukon / NWT / Nunavut: To be determined.

The fine print: Retreat times to be arranged between the guest and the retreat centre. If desired, the pastor may bring a spouse, child or friend to share the experience. Travel costs to be covered by the pastor, or better yet, their church. Some retreat centres provide meals, others do not. Churches may wish to send their pastor with a meal stipend to really make things nice. If pastors prefer, they may choose a $100 gift card instead of the retreat prize. Maybe a nice dinner out? More details and pictures on this contest in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue.

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