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Reconciliation resources

Our Jan/Feb 2018 issue includes major articles on reconciliation by Cheryl Bear, Mark Buchanan and Wendy Peterson. Subscribe today so you don’t miss it (

Are you looking for ways to work towards reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians? Here’s the start of a Faith Today list of resources, compiled in conjunction with our special package of reconciliation articles in our Jan/Feb 2018 issue. Not all are Christian in orientation, but all are certainly thought-provoking. To suggest additional resources or corrections for this list, email us at

150 Acts of Reconciliation, a list of suggestions for everyday reconciliation put together by two University of Alberta researchers

Anglican Journal Archives include many tagged “residential schools” as well as a section of webpages called “Residential Schools Histories”

Canada’s Residential Schools uses Google Earth Voyager and materials from Canadian Geographic to explain why the schools were built, what attending was like for Indigenous children, the aftereffects and how residential school survivors are working to move forward

Church Responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report, a Faith Today blog post from 2016.

Circles for Reconciliation, led by Raymond Currie of Winnipeg, offers a good list of practical resources

CommonWord Bookstore and Resource Centre, a collaboration of Mennonite Church Canada and Canadian Mennonite University, has published excellent curriculum materials on Indigenous-Settler Relations

Indigenous Reconciliation Group, led by Rose LeMay of Ottawa, offers a good list of practical resources

Reconciliation Canada has produced a variety of resources including a 2017 survey report on The Canadian Reconciliation Landscape and a series of Community Action Tool-kits

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada links to nine major Educational Resources and 11 on Reconciliation, including many church apologies


Celebrate with us! Awards for Faith Today

Hooray for the Faith Today writers and staff who were publicly recognized this week!

Faith Today contributors won nine awards June 22 from the Canadian Church Press, an association of about 60 magazines and newspapers. Two of the awards were for first place:

  • layout and design of a single issue. Take a minute to admire the complete winning issue by designer Janice Van Eck
  • personal experience article. Have you read Mark A. Buchanan’s For the Love of the Church?


Then on June 23 came more awards from The Word Guild, a national association of several hundred Christians in publishing and communications.

  • Allison Barron’s Faith Today article on Trinity Western University and the legal battles around its proposed law school won a first place for short feature.
  • The founder of Faith Today, Brian Stiller, received the Leslie K. Tarr career award, as well as a second award for his book An Insider’s Guide to Praying for the World (Bethany House/Baker Publishing).
  • Although we can’t take credit for it, Faith Today’s senior writer Patricia Paddey also won an award for her book with Dr. Jean Chamberlain called The Game Changers: True Stories About Saving Mothers and Babies in East Africa (Save the Mothers).


And those awards are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ll post links to the second and third place winners below, but first we need to thank all our subscribers and supporters.

Your help make Faith Today‘s ministry possible. You encourage us to aim for excellence in our service to Christ and His church in Canada.

We welcome your continued support through prayer and email. You can help ensure our financial health by buying a subscription for yourself or someone you love or by making a charitable donation.

Please join the broader Canadian Christian publishing community in expressing well deserved appreciation to all the writers, editors, designers and publishers who work (often in the background) to build the Kingdom in these ways.

Complete lists are now available online of this year’s CCP awards and TWG awards, all for materials published in 2016.

Resources on Ministry With Seniors

If we can give our readers something extra, we love to! Here is an extended list of recommended books and videos related to “Can Churches Do Better With Our Seniors?” a Jan/Feb feature story by Lisa Hall-Wilson

By Bill Fledderus

The United Methodist Church, headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., has an Office on Aging and Older Adult Ministries headed by Dr. Will Randolph. It offers a free quarterly newsletter and good blog posts about recommended resources, caregiving, worship and other related topics at Don’t miss the blog posts “What Shall I Read First?” and “What Shall I Read Second?

Amy Hanson of Council Bluffs, Iowa, is author of Baby Boomers and Beyond: Tapping the Ministry Talents and Passions of Adults Over 50 (Jossey-Bass, 2010). See her list of recommended resources and more at Don’t miss her free 16-page PDF from 2007 “Churches Responding to the Age Wave: Top Innovations in Older Adult Ministry.”

A Vision for the Aging Church: Renewing Ministry for and by Seniors (IVP Academic, 2011) is a book by James M. Houston and Michael Parker that challenges the church to embrace and honour the contributions that can be made by its older members while more effectively ministering to their needs. Dr. Houston is an emeritus professor of spiritual theology at Regent College in Vancouver. Continue reading Resources on Ministry With Seniors

‘Tis the Season for Charity Gift Catalogues

Here’s an expanded alphabetical list including the ten listed in our Nov/Dec 2016 print edition. You won’t want to miss them this Christmas! Simply click a headline to visit that charity’s online gift catalogue.


Gifts range from $20 for school supplies to a child impacted by HIV/AIDS to $300 to sponsor an acre of a growing project.


Gifts range from $10 for soccer balls in Sierra Leone, to $14,000 for the purchase of one rice mill for a village. Midwife training sessions to support maternal newborn child health programs in Guatemala and Honduras are $40. Sponsor a special needs Guatemalan child for $40 a month, through our kids program.


From $10 for a mosquito net to $3,000 for rain water harvesting system. Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for Charity Gift Catalogues

Your online guide to Church Responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report

Where can you find, all in one place, the major responses from Christian organizations to the December 2015 final report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada on the history of residential schools for Canada’s Indigenous Peoples?

Get more resources for your ministry in Faith Today, Canada’s Christian magazine. Subscribe today so you don’t miss an issue.

Here’s an attempt at collecting such a list.  For readers interested in digging deeper or organizing a study group, two especially good resources to start with are the Mennonite resource Wrongs to Rights (free samples online) and the spring 2016 issue of the Baptist periodical Mosaic (view complete issue free online).

You’ll notice many church responses refer to Action 48. The TRC final report included a list of 94 calls to action, and number 48 specifically calls “faith groups and interfaith social justice groups in Canada who have not already done so, to formally adopt and comply with the principles, norms, and standards of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a framework for reconciliation.” Continue reading Your online guide to Church Responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report

Ten New Features Coming in the Re-designed September Issue

Cover redesign
Cover redesign

Including sneak-peaks at five redesigned pages!

  1. Beautiful new layout. Top-notch designer Janice Van Eck ( led us to re-envision every page. Our articles read better than ever, thanks to more soothing white space, new fonts and column structures, fresh use of pictures and many other changes.
  2. A new social issues summary page, called At Issue, giving you what you need to know about a topic such as poverty in Canada, prostitution or freedom of religion.
    Kingdom Matters redesign
    Kingdom Matters redesign
  3. New arts coverage. Canadian Creatives showcases the work of visual artists who are Christian, and Reading the Bestsellers applies an evangelical perspective to our country’s most popular books.
  4. A new Infographic page that illustrates complex ideas or useful statistics in an attractive, visual way, drawing on the unparalleled research expertise of our publisher, The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.
  5. A practical new column of Inspiring Ideas for ministry – derived straight from Canadian churches.
    Q&A interview redesign
    Q&A interview redesign
  6. New surprises in the margins. Tucked away between the columns on various pages you’ll find helpful factoids and stand-alone statistics. They’re fun when you want to browse rather than read, but they’ll still make you think.
  7. New opinion columns. Okay, we already started Sheila Wray Gregoire’s column Messy Faith and Kevin Flatt’s column History Lesson a couple issues ago, but now they’re really hitting their stride! And have you noticed our new-ish Business Matters series lately?
    Feature article redesign
    Feature article redesign
  8. New tagline. We’re now calling ourselves Faith Today – Canada’s Christian magazine. That’s because there’s no other publication like it in Canada: national in scope, trans-denominational in breadth, tucked firmly into the mission of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada but also telling the stories that all Canadian Christians love to read.
  9. Digital extras. A regular segment summarizing what’s new on the Faith Today blog, including glimpses behind the scenes of recent stories and extended reflections by Faith Today writers.
  10. Award winning features and interviews. Alright, we admit that Faith Today articles have been winning awards for three decades now. But when new articles win new accolades, then those will be new, right?
Essay redesign
Essay redesign

Faith Today will continue to offer a greater variety of trans-denominational, inspiring and challenging stories than in any other publication in Canada.

And our printed and digital editions can be delivered directly to your physical and virtual mailboxes, so you can read on the go, wherever you are.

Please let us know what you think at

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Awards Remind Us What We’ve Got

What do awards like this one mean?

Many Canadians seem to enjoy reading Faith Today, but what’s it really worth?

Say you open your mailbox and see two new magazines, Faith Today and something else, is it hard to choose which to read first?

Of course those of us who write and edit and lay out the articles are aiming for the highest quality. We believe we’re doing what God is calling us to do. But what if nobody else thought so? That’s where objective reader feedback – and Holy Spirit feedback – are so important. Let me explain.

Continue reading Awards Remind Us What We’ve Got