Behind the Scenes With Shifting Stats

“Canada is home to one of the most multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religous populations and the planet, and we’re facing some of the most significant upheavals inout nation’s history. So what does this mean for Christ’s Church?”

That blurb is from the back cover of Shifting Stats Shaking the Church: 40 Canadian Churches Respond, a new book published by World Vision Canada, an affiliate of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, and co-authored by a Faith Today senior editor and a senior writer.Shifting-Stats-Cover

The book is part of our May/June Faith Today subscription deal: Subscribe to Faith Today and receive the book for free (an $18.99 value, important note: the authors of the book do not receive any monetary gain from its sales).

It seemed like an excellent fit for Faith Today readers, who we know care about the Canadian Church and love its stories. The book profiles 40 churches of various denominations, shapes and sizes from every corner of the country. This is not a book about Big Churches (although there are a few of those of course). It’s a book about ordinary churches in extraordinary times, being creative and responsive to the changing face of their communities.

It’s also a bit of a “how-to” in that the book provides tips, references and guidance for going forward in our own congregations. “Listen, then do. We learned the Church is heard best when it listens first,” the authors write in the conclusion.

The book is also full of EFC affiliate denominations and congregations. The ideas are simple. They aren’t even all wildly creative, many are as basic as responding to a need and reality with love and compassion. It’s about being the church to a changing Canada. You can find out about the subscription promo by clicking here.

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