Faith Today’s New Look

Redesign of Faith Today
Cover redesign

Faith Today is one of Canada’s top Christian magazines, but maintaining excellence – on behalf of you, the reader, and of the God we all serve – requires a regular influx of new life.

The beautiful magazine you now hold owes a lot to top-notch designer Janice Van Eck, who reworked and then polished every inch.

The redesign process also included a lot of editorial brainstorming about what elements should stay in Faith Today and what could go. We discussed, we met, we emailed, we called, we clipped and we cut. And we listened. Janice in particular listened carefully to our friendly debates about how Faith Today could be made better.

She agrees with us that reading a magazine is more than just digesting information. It should be an enjoyable experience of discovery, learning, sharing – and of course flipping pages to see what comes next.

She brought her art to the words. We are so grateful.

Ultimately, we want you to experience Faith Today as a way to be connected with other Canadian Christians – informed, challenged, stretched and nourished.

Our new tagline is not shy: Faith Today – Canada’s Christian Magazine. That’s because there’s no other publication like it – Canada-wide in scope, trans-denominational in breadth, tucked firmly into the mission of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, telling the stories Canadian Christians love to read.

Here’s a little of what you can experience with this issue – and all the ones to come:

  • A beautiful new layout with lots of breathing room to tell stories in inviting ways.
  • A new At Issue page summarizing what you need to know about social issues. Succinct and immediately usable information.
  • Revitalized arts coverage including a Reading the Bestsellers review plus a reproduction of an artwork by a Canadian Christian.
  • Thought-provoking Canadian writing in History Lesson, Messy Faith and Business Matters as well as in longstanding favourites such as Religion Watch and Christ & Culture in Canada.
  • More of the great features and interviews you expect – plus a few other surprises.

Whether you’re a long-term reader or a newcomer, welcome aboard! We seek to serve you with every story we put together. We thought of you through every step of our redesign journey. Let us know your thoughts at

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