Our Colouring days are almost over

And now for something a little bit different…The Sep/Oct Faith Today has been packed up and shipped off  to the printers, to so speak, even while the ink still dries on the colour-me cover of the Jul/Aug issue. Many of you sent in your coloured versions of our unique cover. Thank you! (You can still send us in a picture (editor@faithtoday.ca) of your hand-coloured cover by Aug. 31, as well as subscribe and receive a free copy of Restore My Soul: a colouring book devotional journey).

In the Sep/Oct issue we dive into the deep waters of suffering. Doug Koop writes that cover story. He knows the nuances of trying to comfort the suffering. Doug is a veteran writer and editor who stepped away from journalism, enrolled in seminary and became a spiritual health practitioner in Winnipeg. There he visits with the sick, sometimes with the dying, and their loved ones. He listens, he speaks, he prays, and he is simply there as a comforting presence.

Koop writes that pain of “any sort is difficult to be around, even when it’s not your own. The anguish of any individual stirs something awkward in others. Suffering is something most of us would rather avoid. That’s why many people aim to stay clear of hospitals.”

He goes on to offer us insight and guidance into how we can be good company to those in need.

In Sep/Oct you’ll also read about what churches are learning as they sponsor refugees for the very first time. (Spoiler: they are learning a lot). Maybe you are part of a congregation who also sponsored Syrian refugees this year. We’d love to hear from you. Stop by www.Facebook.com/FaithToday and post what you and your sponsorship group are learning.

As always, the Sep/Oct Faith Today is full of other wonderful, rich stories to inspire, equip and challenge all of us. The summer Olympics have provided many great moments to be proud to be Canadian. We’ve loved it. And in matters of the heart and the mind, each issue of Faith Today, Canada’s Christian magazine makes us glad to be part of our vital and diverse Christian community in Canada.

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