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Toll Free Line offered now in Canada to help with end of life decisions

By Craig Macartney

In response to Canada’s increased social acceptance and legalization of assisted suicide, a new ministry has launched a crisis line to help support and guide people making tough decisions as they near death.

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Compassionate Community Care (CCC) was created because “We recognized that many people didn’t know where to go when confronted with end-of-life issues for friends, parents or loved ones,” explains chairperson Brian Simpson.

Since its launch in late 2016, the crisis line has already had calls from people in every province and even calls from the U.S. “Most of the calls are about end-of-life questions where there are differing values being applied to people by medical and family members than what the person themself believes in,” Simpson says.

“Some people are feeling pushed to procedures or actions which differ from the wishes of the patient.”

CCC’s crisis line volunteers are there to listen, offer support and give clear information about the law and patient rights. They also refer calls to experienced physicians who can provide a second opinion and offer guidance.
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