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Calling for a new Generation of Christian Activists

By Doug Blackburn

Sister Jean Ann Ledwell introduced me to advocacy as a way of being Church. Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.54.06 PM

The energetic nun was the self-appointed organizer of ecumenical justice events in my home city, Chatham, Ont. It must have been one of the many flyers sent around to area churches that caught my attention.

Sister Jean Ann’s enthusiasm for justice was contagious. She had very limited vision, and the image that stays with me is of her squinting through a magnifying glass to read the latest on a global issue in preparation for an event; and then of those same eyes, twinkling with excitement, as she shared her new ideas with us.

At the time, it was all around getting our government to do more to address crippling debt loads which were the bane of the poorest countries. Old debts and high interest rates meant money that should have gone into their own health and education systems was now going into costly service payments to banks and governments in places like Canada.

It was exciting stuff to me.
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