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Four Things We Need To Know About Human Trafficking

Faith Today’s Question and Answer section features leaders of EFC affiliate organizations sharing their vision. Nov/Dec spotlights Ed Wilson and  his work as executive director of International Justice Mission Canada. Below, he shares the four most important things we need to know about human trafficking.

By Ed Wilson

Girls rescued from sex trafficking dance at the Mahima Home, an aftercare home in Kolkata, India (International Justice Mission).

As the leader of IJM Canada, an organization that combats violence against the poor in the developing world, I have the opportunity  to meet with remarkable women and men who have survived the global scourge of human trafficking.

Out of those experiences, I’ve concluded there are four things we all need to know about human trafficking:

Human trafficking is pernicious. Traffickers have no regard for the richness of the human mind and the dignity of the human soul. The person is nothing more than a chattel to be marketed for financial gain. Recent news reports of Bangladeshi slave ships parallel the horrors of the transatlantic slave trade, with reports of hundreds of people being held in what are effectively floating prisons. I’ve interviewed clients of IJM in India who were refused permission to leave a forced labour facility to seek medical attention for themselves, a spouse or a child or to attend the funeral of a parent. One young woman recently rescued from a brothel in Mumbai hadn’t seen sunshine for three months.

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