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Why not, Canada? Learning how to create Disciple-Making Movements

Carol and Murray Moerman

By Murray Moerman

My colleague Trevor Larsen (not his real name) has seen thousands of people come to Christ in a movement doubling every 18 months for the last 10 years – in a cultural environment more resistant to the gospel than post-Christian Canada. The principles are simple and applicable anywhere.

I first heard of Trevor as part of my work with the Global Church Planting Network, and I’m thrilled that he is coming to speak and train at Missions Fest Vancouver this month (and at two local churches in the following days, as you can see below).

We Canadian Christians can learn a lot from people like Trevor. Don’t we often feel the cultural gap between the church and those they seek to reach in the name of Christ? Many Christians sense themselves to be at the margins of society.

At the same time we often hear stories from Africa and Asia reporting effective disciple-making on a comparatively large scale.

Why not in Canada?

A variety of Canadian groups are asking this question also and experimenting with various responses. Here are some examples, many from here in British Columbia, that we should all know about.
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