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As Spring Breaks Into Canada: James Beverley Reminds Us to Watch for God

It’s James Beverley week on the Faith Today blog. We will be featuring some of our favourite columns from a writer who has informed and challenged Faith Today readers for years. We have a copy of Mormon Crisis: Anatomy of a Failing Religion to give away to the blog reader who can answer this question correctly: What does James Beverley teach at Tyndale?

by James A. Beverley

The great essayist Frederick Buechner wrote in one of his books that “God does not sign his sunsets.” Buechner, an ordained Presbyterian minister born in 1926, has struggled most of his life with doubt and depression. Buechner’s life was forever altered by the suicide of his father when Fred was just ten years old. It is no 1876825MidRessurprise that themes of loss and darkness pervade his sermons and novels – but amazingly there is an even greater recognition of the signs of God’s presence. Given a God who does not sign His sunsets, many people legitimately ask where to find signs of His existence and care.

Of the classical signs for God, my personal favourite is the teleological argument, the proof from design. Atheists often brag this age-old proof has been disproven by Darwin and modern evolutionary theory, but they’re not even close to being right. Yes, William Paley’s famous argument from the watch to the watchmaker has had to be refined, but the evidence for the fine tuning and extravagant complexity of our bodies, our planet and the universe has become overwhelming.
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