The Challenge of Growth

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Church planting these days usually means breaking up some pretty hard Canadian soil. That’s why we thought it would be fascinating to assign writers in three cities to go behind the scenes in very different church plants to see what makes them tick – or grow.

If you live in eastern Canada, a part of the country where we had a tough time matching an available writer with an existing plant, please write to us and tell us about your church plant experience. We’d love to hear.

In this issue we also unpack the Trinity Western University (TWU) school of law situation. Bob Kuhn, president of TWU, shares his experience as the public face of this struggle that seems to be pitting religious freedoms against human rights – at least that is how the discussion is often framed.

Sometimes our best articles come out of conversations with thinkers, leaders or writers (often all three in one), where we ask them what’s currently on their mind and heart. And that’s how we ended up with Carolyn Weber’s beautiful essay on coming home reborn to the country she had left. A phone conversation musing with this talented writer about what she might tackle for Faith Today led to this thoughtful piece. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We were having another set of conversations about prostitution reform even before the courts ordered Canada to rewrite our laws. The result is a 16-page compilation of our best articles on prostitution reform. We hope you’ll equip yourself by reading and sharing this supplement.

When we plan every issue, we ask ourselves these types of questions: Is it interesting? Will the readers care? Who is the best person to write it? Are we building up or tearing down? Does this topic matter? Are we doing and giving the best? If you want to share your answers to such questions, drop us a line at

This month we also strongly encourage you to check out our dramatically reworked digital offerings. We’re aiming for May 2014 to launch three major projects – a totally redesigned website at, a brand new Faith Today blog featuring fresh content each week from the editors and senior writers, and a brand new mobile app built on the latest generation of technology (existing app users should find their app will upgrade automatically).

All our digital offerings – including the free youth magazine Love in Action – are free and designed to help you live out the Good News we just celebrated at Easter – so, again, don’t be shy with your feedback.