The Joy of a Webinar

by Karen Stiller

As “host” of the two EFC webinars we have done so far, one on euthanasia and one on religious freedom in Canada, I have to say, they are surprisingly enjoyable to do. Surprising in their enjoyment because they are also a little bit nerve-wracking. The fear of being tongue-tied or stumped, or wandering down a rabbit trail is there in the background.  Or hiccuping loudly into your microphone. But so far, so good.Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.46.30 AM

The webinars blend nicely with Faith Today, as these issues are ones regularly covered by Canada’s Christian magazine. Produced by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada — publisher of Faith Today — the webinars so far have been interview style with Bruce Clemenger, president of the EFC, answering questions and sharing his insights on these two crucial topics for Canadians.  Then, listeners send in their questions live and Bruce answers them on the spot. That’s where things get really interesting.

Even if we try to anticipate what questions will come in, we have been surprised each time. The really interesting part, and maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise, is how practical the questions are.

They are “rubber hitting the road” queries as Canadians of faith try to figure out how to live in a changing country. And it’s fascinating to “pick the brain” as they say, of Clemenger, who I realize each time has got to be one of Canada’s best informed and insightful evangelical leaders. He knows his stuff. And the webinars are a great opportunity to share that knowledge.

Next up on the webinar schedule? Rick Hiemstra, director of research for the EFC, will explore the changing face of the Canadian Church.  What does it mean for leaders and those who attend regularly? What will our churches look like in 20 years with the current reality of ageing members and rising rates of immigration?

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