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Politics is on everyone’s mind these days. It’s almost impossible to avoid, and why would we? As Christians we know we are citizens of another Kingdom, one we will welcome someday in its fullness. But in the meantime we are called to be good citizens here, engaged in caring for our neighbours, our communities and creation.

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Our cover article in the Mar/Apr issue of Faith Today provides challenging insights from a handful of different theologians on how our faith should not — and cannot — be separated from our politics. Canadians too easily assume politics is public and faith is private, but this article is a timely reminder to avoid that mistake.

Our interview with Loren Wilkinson presents another facet of citizenship — our call to care for creation. The B.C. poet and theologian, together with his wife Mary-Ruth Wilkinson, has devoted years to opening their home on Galiano Island to students who come to visit, feast together and get their hands dirty in creation’s soil around the island.

If the coming of spring isn’t already getting you thinking about gardening around your church, you probably will be after hearing from Wilkinson — and you’ll be reminded of its spiritual importance.

And that applies to sending kids to summer camp, as our advertising feature will no doubt remind you.

We hope you find encouragement in this issue on a few fronts, on how you can be involved in mentoring — either giving or receiving — and why that is such a wonderful, rich, Kingdom thing to do.

Gentlemen, don’t skip this mentoring feature because there are tips for you too.

Our how-to on creating a rule of life, an ancient discipline that helps us make room in our lives for all the good things God wants to do, can help you create a healthy plan for being still and knowing He is God.

May you be challenged by these articles, as well as by our regular columnists and other content, to shine your heavenly light even more brightly in the here and now.

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