Top Blog Posts of 2017 for Faith Today

Here are the blogs that interested you, moved you, irritated you (?) and caused you to share in 2017. Thanks for reading! We have much more great Christian journalism in store for you in 2018…

Watch for more great Canadian Christian journalism in 2018 from Faith Today

The #1 most widely read blogs in 2017 for Faith Today, and counting down from there: 

#1: Christians still love to talk and debate The Shack, and the movie proved no different. “The Shack: Sometimes ramshackle, but with a solid foundation.”

#2: We like transparency. In this blog, author John Bowen reviews a book, but also shares a health crisis journey. “John Bowen goes very personal with his review of Andy Crouch book.”

#3: We love to read excellent Christian fiction. And we are looking forward to Mark Buchanan’s upcoming book on David. “A Canadian author tackles the life of David in upcoming novel.” 

#4: The #MeToo movement touches our lives as well. “It’s us too for Christian women, even in the Church.” 

#5: Pregnancy Crisis Centres get a bad rap in the secular press. Are they anti-woman? You liked this blog, but watch also for an upcoming Faith Today article. “Are pregnancy care centres anti-woman?”

#6: Advent gets us every time. Evangelicals increasingly embrace liturgical seasons. This post by Steve Bell captured our imaginations. “Advent is a robust and demanding spiritual season.” 

#7: Many Canadians were impacted by the work and life of American preacher and professor Haddon Robinson. We invited one Canadian pastor to share his thoughts. “The passing of a great one: Haddon Robinson influenced many Canadians.” 

#8: We often look for blog posts to accompany Faith Today stories. This was one of them and we were happy to welcome Ann and Ron Mainse as guest bloggers. “Six habits to enrich your marriage this summer and beyond.” 

#9: We hear so much about young people leaving the Church, what about the ones who stay? Building on her just released book, Why I Didn’t Rebel, our Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach offers insights. “Confessions of a kid who didn’t rebel.” 

#10: We love camp and so do you. This post ends our Top Ten for 2017 list, and includes some of the reasons why camp is so important for our kids, and us. “It’s worth all the dirty laundry.” 


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