Transparency and Authenticity abound in March/April Faith Today

As we read through the March/April issue of Faith Today  one final time before sending it to our printer, authenticity was a theme that jumped out at us.

People here are not interested in pretending it’s easy to be a Christian in today’s world.

Check out the latest issue of Faith Today!
Check out the latest issue of Faith Today at!

Here are a few of our favourite lines:

“I was shocked. How could my friend be teaching college kids to love language, ideas and themselves, and not think she was doing things for God?” From Carolyn Arends,  page 19.

“You do feel you are being competed with if . . . a new church moves into town. I think it’s important . . . to go the extra mile and give honour to the people who have been there all along, trying to serve and putting in decades of work.” From our interview with Patti Miller, page 24.

“Many of . . . us spend our lives avoiding the real questions of being, identity and essence, and fall prey to the seductive message of both the culture and our hearts that doing and having are all that matter.” From Rod Wilson’s essay, page 30.

And how’s this for transparency: “But the road is so pitted with frustration – with administration, courts and the criminal element – that many officers become cynical, jaded, burnt out, depressed and even suicidal.” From Alex Newman’s interviews with Christian police officers, page 42.

We love that our writers are digging deep. Within the struggles laid bare are wonderful victories and moments of hope we can rejoice in.

Like this one: “Ever since our pizza night, Sally and I have begun to envision a less abridged version of God’s story. We worry less about ‘doing things for God.’ We’re far too busy delighting in the things God is doing for His creation – even through us.” Carolyn Arends, page 19.

Such moments are part of why Christian community is so important, why an exclusively me-and-God relationship is short-sighted.

Faith Today aims to better connect you with the Body of Christ in all its diversity. We keep trying to improve that connection, to facilitate more timely interactions. Since 2013 we have been posting weekly on our blog, more than 150 posts and 50 reader comments at last count. And lots more on our Facebook and Twitter streams.

Now we’ll begin posting more letters to the editor on Facebook, as soon as they come in, inviting writers and readers into more timely, healthy, positive dialogue. (If you’re not on Facebook, no worries. We’re not changing the printed letters.)

Thank you for using Faith Today to participate in the Body. We’re glad to call you sisters and brothers in Christ.

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