Urbana, Refugees, James Bond, Poverty and more. Here Comes Nov/Dec Faith Today

by Karen Stiller

We’ve just hit “send” on the Nov/Dec issue of Faith Today. It’s a great one, if we do say so ourselves (and on behalf of all the writers whose hard work it showcases, and all the Canadian stories it tells).

Coming soon!
Coming soon!

Off it goes to the printers after last week’s marathon sessions of proofing: poring over each page to make sure there are no errors; checking placement and quality of images to make sure they are crisp and colourful, and all the other double and triple checking that goes into making sure there are no “stupid mistakes.”

Which is not to say we have never made any stupid mistakes. We have. And we will again. But it always feels great to wrap up an issue and know that soon our readers will hold it in their hands.

Here’s some of what’s coming your way: We’ve affectionately dubbed this issue “The Urbana Issue” because that student mission conference is coming up in December. Although it’s held in the States, it’s co-hosted by Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Canada. About 2,500 Canadian students will head down to it in the break between Christmas and New Year’s. And it always features Canadian speakers and presenters.

Faith Today offers a guide to Canadians to make the  most of the conference, and interviews Steve Colby, one of the key-notes and a great thinker on what mission looks like today. I called Gordon T. Smith, president of Ambrose, when I saw he was presenting at Urbana. He told me he loves to go, and that Urbana really respects the Canadian voice. We think that is true too. And we’re happy to add to that voice in this issue.

Our cover story will challenge how you think about fighting poverty, and our Christmas gift catalogue guide will help you put some of that thinking into action. We have more great features like an Ebola update, and a “how-to” for churches who want to help with the refugee crisis but need a little guidance.

And there’s more. Regular contributor John G. Stackhouse Jr. moves outside of the norm of what he normally writes, and unpacks Jesus and James Bond. That sure caught our attention when he sent it in. We think you’ll like it.

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