Why I Will Never Be Head of the WEA

Geoff TunnicliffeI will never, ever, ever be head of the World Evangelical Alliance. I know this now. But for a brief second while interviewing outgoing head Geoff Tunnicliffe – the man I am not replacing – I did try to imagine what a dream job it would be.

Connecting with Evangelicals around the world. Making us seem less crazy to people like Alec Baldwin, (Geoff met the actor at a dinner. Baldwin wished him luck in his quest to rehabilitate the reputation of Evangelicals). Having lunch with the most popular Pope ever. Visiting villages and villas, mountain tops and movie sets. Being friends with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett! (Of course, I’m leaving out all the hard stuff).

And generally speaking, I think it’s fair to say, putting the WEA on the map.

At least on my map.

What I heard from Geoff was enthusiasm unleashed for an organization that has what would seem an impossible task: being an umbrella for 600 million Evangelicals in a very rainy world. And being a voice for a multitude that do not always agree on things other than the basics: Jesus Christ is Lord. We have something to share with the world, both in word and deed. (Those are my basics by the way, but I heard them loud and clear in Geoff’s passion and commitment).

I knew during my interview that we were just scratching the surface. The good news is: Geoff’s writing a book . The great news is: he will be spending more time in Canada now, so let’s hope the Canadian Church will tap into this amazing resource of an international statesman come home to retire, whatever retirement looks like for someone with this much energy and capacity.

All eyes will be on the WEA in the months ahead to see who comes next, and where they will take the WEA: a global, dynamic body with a better-than-ever reputation.

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